Comparison of RC4GS V2/RC6GS V2 and RC3S/RC4G
Upgrade Contents RC3S/RC4G RC4GS V2 RC6GS V2
Configuration Upgrade MCU upgrade N572F072 With the transmitter chip of STM32F103RB, ensuring superior ability of anti-sparks interference even enjoy with oil tanker.
receiver chip upgrade 8bits chip the industrial 32bits M0 chip
USB online upgrade cannot upgrade online easily updating by the computer via a USB cable
 Communication Upgrade Fixed 2 frequency hopping the same FHSS spread spectrum of AT9S Pro                                                     
67 channels, pseudo-random frequency hopping 
Performance Upgrade ergonomically designed Throttle mechanical virtual position Rational throttle trigger length and tension, make easy and accurate for throttle adjustment. 
lanyard mount without a lanyard mount have a lanyard mount have a lanyard mount, and a lanyard comes with RC6GS V2
FPV display holder have not FPV display holder mount port An aperture of FPV display holder:
M6 thread (1/4 thread) (English screw)
ground control distance 260 meters 400 meters  600 meters
can up to 800 meters when bind with R8F
capacity of anti-interference interferenced by the same frequency band                         superior anti-interference ability both at the same frequency band and different frequency bands                                       
Almost no interference from other remote controls, no interference from 2.4G devices
interferenced by the engine sparks of oil tanker superior ability of anti-sparks interference even enjoy with an oil tanker
built-in gyro function steering interferenced by the gyro Gyroscope arbitrary sensitivity without interference
Built-In Telemetry of Maximum 8S Model Battery Voltage(with R7FG/R8F) without model battery voltage telemetry Telemetry is capable of RSSI, receiver, and model battery voltage.
RSSI and receiver voltage data will display once binding complete.
The model voltage will display by connecting the wire to the ESC, battery, and Telemetry port of receiver R7FG/R8F, no extra module needed.
Telemetry of maximum 8S (33.6V) battery supported.
Subsidiary ID SEED Funciton have not Subsidiary ID SEED Funciton capable of an arbitrary ID designation among a maximum of 10 binding receivers, making long-distance rescue of RC cars or boats achievable.
Channels 4 channels 4 channels 6 channels