A560 VS Other Similar Fixed Wing
Product Model NEW Radiolink A560 Other Similar Fixed Wing
Is it easy or difficult to fly? Vertical Flight Takeoff, Easy from Zero to Hero It is challenging to fly. It takes more than ten hours of hard practice to fly a fixed-wing into the air, and you have to have enough interest to persevere.
Flight control is the key to solving flight obstacles. The leveling attitude mode in flight control is the key to getting started. The fixed-wing does not have the maximum inclination angle like the multi-copter. There will be any attitude angle in the air, even 90 degrees.The flight controller Byme-A, specially developed by RadioLink for fixed-wing, includes the full-attitude algorithm, control algorithm, and digital filter algorithm and works with the 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis acceleration transducers to solve the problem of any attitude angle in the air. If you lose control of the airplane in the Gyro Mode or Manual Mode, simply activate the Stabilize Mode with the push of a button and release the control sticks. Byme-A will help automatically return the airplane to level flight. Beginners can achieve professional flight even at the first trial.
Maneuverability Five Flight Modes, Beginners and Professional Pilots can Enjoy the Aerobatics Flight(A560 is default with five flight modes, Vertical Mode, Stabilize Mode, Acrobat Mode, Gyro Mode, and Manual Mode.)   Some mini-size fixed-wing are unable to complete some actions you need in the air because lack enough channels.
The Ability for Handle Collisions The aircraft body is made of polypropylene (PP) material, which ensures lightness and a long flight time and is resistant to dropping.  Seven times structural redesign, the A560 is more resistant to drops. Under normal crash conditions, the fuselage is not damaged and does not affect flight performance. Easily damaged, the first flight has not experienced the fun of soaring in the air, and the plane may has been broken.
The Ability for Handle in Windy Conditions Although the fuselage is small, the flight control ensures a stable attitude, and the high-power brushless system provides strong power.
Easy to take off from, perform amazing aerobatics, and land even in a headwind or fresh breeze conditions.
Is it easy or difficult to fly totally depends on the weather, it's very difficult to fly for the fixed-wing freshmen. 
Is it easy or difficult to assemble and disassembling? Ready to fly within minutes of opening the box.All accessories are supported by molded plastic parts, not only durable but also easy to replace.
5 plastic buckles can complete the whole airplane assembled, do not need glue or welding.
Assemble takes about 3 minutes and disassembling takes about 1 minute and 30 seconds, a standard small screwdriver can complete the disassembling and assembling of the airplane.
It takes a certain amount of time to install the fixed-wing, and the glued part is inconvenient to disassemble after the installation is completed.
Is it conveniently to packaging or not? Patented dustproof, anti-foaming, anti-folding, anti-heavy pressure portable ultra-light bag packaging, light and small and portable, can be easily carried whether driving or taking public transportation. The smaller the size of the aircraft, the more difficult it is to control, the large-size aircraft is not easy to carry, and the installed aircraft will be larger in volume. Carton color box packaging, not much space for reusability.
Airfield Adaptability The unique horizontal calibration function makes A560 can realize to fly at any elevation angle without moving the elevator joystick and flying at a low speed. The flight diameter is less than 6 meters, so it can be flown at parks, sports fields, and even indoors. There is a lack of space, and the fixed-wing needs an open and unobstructed space. Such a space is currently hard to find, especially in cities.
Security The ESC with excellent locked-rotor protection function: The propellers will stop rotating when encounter obstacles to realize the defensive function of the locked rotor and offer maximum protection to both airplane and pilot.  As soon as a novice encounters an unexpected situation, such as when someone suddenly comes to the venue, he will be nervous and make mistakes, crash the machine or even hit a person and cause injury.
High Performance-to-price Ratio Brushless Power System of High Performance: The power system is assembled with renowned components in the airplane industry to maximize efficiency and offer the best athletic experience for pilots. A high-power brushless system delivers plenty of power to hover and unlimited vertical performance. The purchase cost is high, and the accessories and parts are not standard that difficult to replace or cost higher.
All accessories and parts such as batteries, motors, ESCs, and servo gears are standard parts and standard interfaces.
Users can easily purchase replacement accessories with low replacement costs.
Comprehensive Technical Support With more than 19 years of R&D experience in electric industry, can provide detailed instructions and tutorial videos from installation to flight.
All-round technical support such as installation, application, and calibration from ESC, motor to the flight controller, transmitter.
Almost all the parts of RC fixed-wing you need we can offer.
Education From Installation to Flight, Best Choice for Education
Assembly Course: Standardized installation of plastic parts, the standard interface of standard parts, and A560 design diagram published by RadioLink ensure students buy a full set of parts to assemble by themselves.
Flight Course: The flight controller reduces the difficulty of entry and retains the interest in learning.
The wireless trainer system greatly reduces the difficulty of practical teaching, easier to practice for both teachers and students.