Comparison of the Old and New A560 
Product Model NEW A560 OLD A560
A560 Dimension Aircraft Wing 580mm, Aircraft Body 560mm Aircraft Wing 560mm, Aircraft Body 560mm
Flight Modes Six flight mode: Vertical Mode(Multicopter), Vertical Mode(Fixed-wing), Stabilize Mode, Gyro Mode, Acrobat Mode, Manual Mode Five flight mode: Vertical Mode(Multicopter), Stabilize Mode, Gyro Mode, Acrobat Mode, Manual Mode 
Model Voltage Telemetry Real-time Built-In Model Voltage Telemetry NULL
Assembly time before flight  3 minutes 5 minutes
Disassembly time after flight  1 minute 30 seconds 10 minutes
Package Dimension 60.7*14.2*23.5cm 61*20*31cm
Packaging Waterproof suitcase, more convenient to carry  Color box packaging
Packaging Picture

Fixed Buckle  Knob-type buckle, easier to disassemble  Press-type buckle, relatively difficult 
to disassemble 
Motor & Servo Mount  Open-molded plastic parts, beautiful 
and durable, not easy to change color 
3D printed parts are not as beautiful as
 open-molded plastic parts 
Landing Gear Installation  Slot type fixing (patent), better shock absorption, easier disassembly and assembly  8 screws to fix
Tail Support  Increase the tail support rod, the body is 
not easy to deform 
Glue fixed, inconvenient to replace 
Body Support The buckle is fixed, it is not easy to fall off; and the replacement is simpler and easier  Glue fixed, inconvenient to replace 
Battery Installation Location  The mounting hole of the battery fixed by the strap is moved to the inside of the body, and the aircraft is more resistant to falling  The mounting hole for the battery to be fixed by the strap is closer to the outside of the body