Vertical Flight Takeoff, Easy from Zero to Hero



The flight controller Byme-A, specially developed by RadioLink for fixed-wing, includes the full-attitude algorithm, control algorithm, and digital filter algorithm and works with the 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis acceleration transducers to solve the problem of any attitude angle in the air. If you lose control of the airplane in the Gyro Mode or Manual Mode, simply activate the Stabilize Mode with the push of a button and release the control sticks. Byme-A will help automatically return the airplane to level flight. Beginners can achieve professional flight even at the first trial.

Five Flight Modes, Beginners and Professional Pilots can Enjoy the Aerobatics Flight  



A560 is default with five flight modes, Vertical Mode, Stabilize Mode, Acrobat Mode, Gyro Mode, and Manual Mode.

Vertical Mode



In the vertical mode, pilots can make the fixed-wing automatically fly with the vertical posture.

Beginner Pilots suggest practicing with this mode.

Stabilize Mode


Wing-leveling on stick release, with flight controller balancing, is suitable for beginners to practice level flight.

Acrobat Mode


Combination of Stabilize Mode and Gyro Mode. Flight controller helps airplanes be leveled automatically when released joysticks make beginners easy to perform harriers, flat spins, and other amazing aerobatics.

Gyro Mode


Gyro assists to enhance the flight balance but the aircraft won’t be leveled automatically. Pilots with certain experience take the Gyro Mode to practice better control of the fixed-wing, such as realize various freestyles such as rolling, rapid pitching, backward, side flight, and spiral descending.

Manual Mode


Control without flight controller algorithm or gyro, all flight movements are realized manually, which requires the most advanced skills.

Easy to Handle in Windy Conditions



Although the fuselage is small, the flight control ensures a stable attitude, and the high-power brushless system provides strong power.

Easy to take off from, perform amazing aerobatics, and land even in a headwind or fresh breeze conditions.

Patented Bag Packaging, Conveniently Sized



Patented dustproof, anti-foaming, anti-folding, anti-heavy pressure portable ultra-light bag packaging,

light and small and portable, can be easily carried whether driving or taking public transportation.

High Performance-to-price Ratio



All accessories such as batteries, motors, ESCs, and servo gears are standard parts and standard interfaces.

Users can easily purchase replacement accessories with low replacement costs.

From Installation to Flight, Best Choice for Education



Assembly Course: Standardized installation of plastic parts, the standard interface of standard parts,

and A560 design diagram published by RadioLink ensure students buy a full set of parts to assemble by themselves.

Flight Course: The flight controller reduces the difficulty of entry and retains the interest in learning.

The wireless trainer system greatly reduces the difficulty of practical teaching, easier to practice for both teachers and students.

Brushless Power System of High Performance



The power system is assembled with renowned components in the airplane industry to maximize efficiency and offer the best athletic experience for pilots. A high-power brushless system delivers plenty of power to hover and unlimited vertical performance.


3D Aerobatics Fixed Wing

Easy from Zero to Hero

Vertical Flight Takeoff

56CM Wingspan

Light and Portable

2KM Flight Distance

10 Minutes

Flight Time

Five Flight Modes

Flight Diameter

Less Than 6 Meters