Q: What else need to do after receiving the A560 RTF(with T8FB/T8S)?

A: The A560 RTF has been set with all parameters by factory default. All RC fans need to do is to fix the wing onto the fuselage as they are separated for the shipping reason. Click below link to check the tutorial video









Q: What if only the aircraft A560 is purchased (without T8FB/T8S) to work with AT10II/AT10 or AT9S/AT9?

A: 1) When doing the binding, make sure the channel quantity of receiver. Only the ones with 10 or 12 channels can work with AT10II/AT10/AT9S/AT9. Please remember to change the channel quantity accordingly of your transmitter as below steps

Long press the Mode key to enter the BASIC MENU -> Rotate the scroll Dial to highlight the SYSTEM option and press Push to enter -> Select the CH-SELECT and change the Number as required.

2) If the transmitter is Mode 2, it will automatically change to Mode 1 when the model type ACROBATICS is selected. Thus, remember to keep the transmitter as Mode 2 once the model type is changed.

3) The travel range of AT10/AT10II/AT9/AT9S is different from that of T8FB, which is by default of A560. If pilots want to fly A560 with the other RadioLink transmitter instead of T8FB/T8S, travel range needs to be adjusted first.








Q: When calibrate the flight controller of A560 with success, why some motors rotate once and others don't?

A: It's because the calibration of each ESC by factory default varies and this is normal.








Q: How to calibrate A560?


Flight controller Byme-A needs o calibrate the attitudes/level to ensure the balance status.

It is advised to lift up the model head with a certain angle to ensure the calibration accuracy and it will be recorded by flight controller once the attitude calibration is complete with success.

Pull both joysticks to outside corners as below and hold for more than 3 seconds. The green led on flight controller Byme-A flashes once means the calibration completed.


Q: How to setup the flight mode?

A: There are five flight modes: Vertical Mode, Stabilize Mode, Gyro Mode, Acro Mode, Manual Mode.

Flight modes are set by CH5(3-way switch SWB) and CH7(2-way switch SWA) as below



Flight mode setup of the other transmitter from RadioLink is the same. Channel 5 and channel 7 are for flight mode setup by default. First select the model type of fixed wing in the setting menu, then set a three-way switch (Ch5) and a two-way switch (Ch7) in the auxiliary channel menu. Five flight modes can be switched with this combination.

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