Dear friends, thank you so much for choosing RadioLink products. We are constantly upgrading and improving our products by collecting feedback and suggestions from our customers. So, the 5-channel RC4GS V3 and the 7-channel RC6GS V3 transmitters are born.


RC4GS V3/RC6GS V3 adds some functions based on RC4GS V2/RC6GS V2:
1. Number of channels: RC4GS V3 increased from 4 channels to 5 channels, RC6GS V3 increased from 6 channels to 7 channels,
2. Model storage number: increased from 15 to 30,
3. EPA: A control switch can be set independently,
4. D/R: A control switch can be set independently,
5. 2 PROG.MIX: Control switches can be set independently,
6. Add Timer function
7. DSC setting: support head track / simulator / Crossfire and other equipment
Here for more details of their difference: 
Due to the large number of newly added functions, the chip resources of RC6GS V2 were exhausted. Our R&D department spent more than 6 months redesigning with more advanced chips, and finally realized these new functions in February. After more than a month of continuous testing and modification, the product was officially launched in April. But at the same time, due to the different processing chips used in V2 and V3 versions, the V2 version transmitters cannot upgrade the V3 firmware. In order to show our thanks to the loyal users for their support to RadioLink, we have launched an activity to buy new products with old ones. All users of RadioLink RC3S, RC4G, RC4GS, RC4GS V2, RC6GS, RC6GS V2 can buy 1 set of RC6GS V3 or RC4GS V3 at a special price with the barcode in the battery tray of their transmitters.

Please send the barcode of your transmitter to: 

Our after-sales will send you the purchase link of V3 in activity price.

Prices are as follows:
RC4GS V3+R6FG 20 dollars/set (Only for the product)
RC6GS V3+R7FG 35 dollars/set (Only for the product)

Together with VAT, AliExpress Commission, and shipping, the total costs are as follows:
RC4GS V3+R6FG 30~45.4 dollars/set (Vary from country to country)
RC6GS V3+R7FG 45~54.45 dollars/set (Vary from country to country)

Detailed price chart




Activity Price (The money we receive)



VAT (Only applicable to EU countries)

17%~27% of activity price (Vary from country to country)

17%~27% of activity price (Vary from country to country)

AliExpress Commission

10% of activity price (Invariable)

10% of activity price (Invariable)


$8~$18 (Vary from country to country)

$8~$18 (Vary from country to country)

Total Cost



You save (Compared with V3 original price)

Up to $35

Up to $45



The above activity is long-term valid.

Note: RC4GS V2 and RC6GS V2 are the most advanced version in terms of control performance. Compared with V2 version, V3 version has added new functions, but it is the same as the V2 version in terms of performance such as remote-control distance, response speed, and anti-interference. If V2 users do not need the new functions of V3 version, it is recommended to continue to use the V2 version.