1. Identify the suitable firmware 
a. .mac firmware compatible with WIN7, WIN8, WIN10 or XP.

2. Download the corresponding firmware to your model from the below links 
3. Connect your radio to the computer with a USB cable and 
power the radio on(with a LiPo batery or 6 pieces AA batteries), it will appear as an extra disc on your computer
4. Click YES as the window pops out when connected to format your radio
5. Once done formatting, your radio should be empty
6. Copy the latest firmware and paste it in your radio
7. Once finish Step 6, disconnect your radio from the computer and repower it on

How to upgrade  firmware

How to| Upgrade RadioLink RC6GS​ V2/RC6GS/RC4GS V2/RC4GS​ Firmware

Introduction about the firmware V6.3.2

Add Head Tracking function.

② Telemetry function can ONLY be realized on RC6GS V2 when bind to receiver R7FG or R8F.

③ With the firmware V6.3.2, RC6GS V2 is add the function: Cruise Control System(the video below shows how the cruise control system function working)Crawler is difficult in controlling the throttle on the downhill slope, the cruise control system of RC6GS V2 helps the driver easily set the optimal throttle volume for RC crawler car.

④ Improvement: Add neutral point offset function of EPA.


Attention: If you can not download the files when clicked the mac file above or below, please click the website below to download the files you need.   


this V6.3.2 firmware also applicable to the RC6GS 3-position switch version, the upgrade firmware for RC6GS 2-position switch version can click the link below to download.


FPV Head Tracking on RadioLink RC6GS V2

 Cruise Control Function of RadioLink RC6GS V2

Latest Firmware(Please upgrade by windows WIN7, WIN8, WIN10 or XP computer, cannot upgrade by Apple MAC computer)

Latest Firmware for RC6GS V2_V6.3.2.mac 


Firmware for Four Wheels Steering


Factory Default Firmware


RC6GS V2_defaultfirmwar_V6_1_0.mac 

Version of firmware: V_6_1_2S

Date of upgrade: 2020.11.26

Firmware designed for: RC6GS V2 & RC6GS that the mainboard signed V3.0 

Upgrade Firmware Introduction:

1. This firmware is designed for the car which need four wheels steering at the same time. 

With this firmware, a shortcut key enable switch turn on or turn off the four wheels steering function.

2. This function is only applicable to PMIX01, the Master Channel is default CH1 and the Slaver Channel is CH3.

3. The control switch is default SWA, press it to turn on the mix function, press it again to turn off the mix function.

Version of firmware: V_6.1.6

Date of upgrade: 2022.1.21

Firmware designed for: RC6GS V2 & RC6GS that the mainboard signed V3.0 

Upgrade Firmware Introduction:

1. This firmware is designed for the RC6GS V2 and RC6GS users that want to add the TBS Crossfire 

Firmware for make the RC6GS V2 compatible with TBS Crossfire