• PRM-03 FAQ

Q:What flight controllers, transmitters and receivers are compatible with PRM-03?


Transmitter:AT10II/AT10/AT9S Pro/AT9S/AT9


Note: Old version AT9 needs to upgrade the firmware V1.2.6(OSD)or above while AT10II needs to upgrade to V1.0.6(OSD)or above.








Q:How to connect receiver and flight controller with PRM-03?

A:1. With receiver (R12DS as example): one end of 4pin wire to the pins on the receiver while the other end of the wire to the balance head of battery as below picture shows






2. With flight controller: one end of the wire to PRM-03 while the other to the TELEM port on the flight controller


MINI PIX as example                                                           TURBO PIX as example







PIXHAWK as example                                                          APM as example











Q:What telemetry information does PRM-03 have?

A:Capable of telemetry of flight speed, rising speed, throttle, battery voltages, longitude, latitude, GPS, signal, RSSI, flight modes, direction, roll, pitch and distance.