Q:How to bind R8FG to RadioLink transmitter?


1. Put the transmitter and the receiver close to each other (about 50 centimeters) and power both on.
2. Switch on the transmitter and the LED of R8FG will start flashing slowly.

3. There is a black binding button (ID SET) on the side of receiver. Press the button for more than 1 second and release, the LED will flash quickly, meaning binding process is ongoing.

4. When the LED stops flashing and is always on, binding is complete and there will be a signal tower shown on top of the LCD screen of the transmitter. If not succeed, the green LED will keep flashing slowly to notify, repeat the above steps.

Note: If bind to transmitters without screen like T8S or T8FB, the always on LED means binding completed.


QWhat transmitters are compatible with R8FG?

A:R8FG is compatible with RadioLink  RC8X/RC6GS V3/RC4GS V3/RC6GS V2/RC4GS V2/RC6GS (3-position switch version), RC4GS (version with P.D AFTER 180101) /T8FB(BT)/T8FB(OTG)/T8S(BT)/T8S(OTG).

Q:Why is there NO voltage telemetry display on transmitter such as RC8X after the battery is correctly connected to the Telemetry pins and the transmitter is powered on?

A:Make sure the R8FG is also powered on. The Telemetry pins are specially for model voltage telemetry connection but NOT for power supply to R8FG. Power on R8FG with individual supply within voltage range between 3V to 12V.

Q:Why the gyro doesn’t correct the wheels reversely when the Gyro Mode is on (red LED always on)?

A:Check the GYRO setting in the menu. Make sure the MIX function is ON and the GYRO sensitivity is well set (100% as advised).

The GYRO Rate value is bigger, the sensitivity is higher while it’s lower if the Rate is smaller. (0% means gyro function is off.)

The GYRO sensitivity can be adjusted by rotating the VR knob (CH3) of RC6GS V3/RC4GS V3/RC6GS/RC6GS V2/RC4GS/RC4GS V2 or PS3 switch of RC8X by factory default.

Q:How to activate Gyro Mode of R8FG?

A: Factory setting is gyro function OFF. Remain R8FG still when power it on as the gyro will self-check. Short press the binding button (ID SET) three times with interval less than 1 second, the red LED indicator flashes three times. Red LED on/off indicates the gyro function is on/off. The always-on GREEN LED is working mode WITHOUT gyro and the always-on ORANGE(GREEN+RED) LED is working mode WITH gyro.

Q:Why the indicator of the receiver stays solid green even though I have long press the bind button?

A: Long press bind button, the green indicator will flash. If you press it for a long time, the indicator still stays solid green. The bind button is broken.

Q:How to modify the gyro phase of R8FG?

A:If the gyro phase is reversed, short press binding button (ID SET) twice with interval less than 1 second. The red indicator flashes twice mean the gyro phase setting is complete.

Q:Will the control range be affected if one of the antennas gets broken?

A:Yes. It’s strongly advised to change the broken antenna.

QWhat is the operating voltage range that R8FG supports?

A: The operating voltage range of R8FG is from 3V to 12V, supporting high voltage servo.

Q:Can the output port of battery directly connect to the Telemetry pins on R8FG?

A:Yes, make sure the battery port to connect with R8FG Telemetry pins is JST end.

Or it’s advised to use the connect wire packed with R8FG, with one JST end to the Telemetry pins on R8FG for telemetry function and the other XT60 end to the model voltage as below picture shows.


Q:If the model has its receiver built-in a ESC, can I change the original receiver of my model to RadioLink receiver?

A: No, you can't. Because the ESC and receiver are one unit. Only by changing a ESC, then you can change the receiver to RadioLink.

Q:Why the LED of R8FG keeps flashing slowly?

A:The slow flashing LED means binding doesn’t succeed or the signal gets lost after binding completes.

Q: How to put the double antenna? Can I wrap them?

A: The antenna of the receiver should be set upright, because car models run on the ground and the boats on the water. Double antennas should be set at a 90-degree angle like below. And do not keep the antenna close to metal parts, electric machine, ESC, or other electronic devices.




Q:The telemetry voltage of R8FG showed on transmitter is less than voltage actually measured, is that normal?

A: Make sure to test the battery voltage by multimeter. Because the voltage tested by other voltage test equipment is not accurate. 0.1V difference between the telemetry voltage and the real voltage is normal. If the difference is more than 0.1V, calibrate the voltage of the multimeter and check the difference again.

Q:Can I plug the battery into PPM or SBUS channel and power the receiver?

A: Yes. Any one of CH1 to CH6, PPM, and SBUS channel can be used for power on the receiver.

Q:Is R8FG receiver waterproof or not?

A: The PCB board and pins of R8FG have the same waterproof treatment as the mobile phone, that is, nano-coating technology treatment and the waterproof grade is IPX4.

IPX4: The IP×× rating standard recommended by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).