Q: What battery is suitable to work with RC6GS V2? What's the voltage range?

A: The JST connector of RC6GS V2 can be easily adapted for various battery, including LiPo battery of 2S to 4S and 6pcs of AA batteries. The voltage range is 4.8V to 15V.

Q: Does RC6GS V2 have telemetry function?

A: Yes. RC6GS V2 is capable of returning signal strength, RSSI, RX voltage. If work with RadioLink receiver R7FG/R8F, vehicle voltage can also be returned. However, telemetry of motor speed and temperature is NOT available yet.

Q: Can RC6GS V2 control TRAXXAS or twin-engine RC cars?

A: Sure. RC6GS V2 is a perfect remote control to all types of on-road electric powered or gasoline cars and twin-engine cars, tracked vehicles, crawlers, drift cars, tractor trucks, nitro cars, mini cars, sailboats, fishing boats.


Q: How to setup dual ESC with RC6GS V2?

A: Select whichever two preferred channels and refer the PROGRAMMABLE MIX CONTROL setup part in the user manual of RC6GS V2 or click below link for the detailed steps to setup mix control 


Q: How many models RC6GS V2 can store?

A: RC6GS V2 can store 10 models data at most.

Q: What are the compatible receivers to RC6GS V2?

A: The standard packed receiver of RC6GS V2 is R7FG. RC6GS V2 is compatible with R6FG, R7FG, R8F, R6F, R4FGM and R4F is specially developed for mini cars.




* All RadioLink transmitters are not open sourced and can only bind to receivers developed by RadioLink. Vice versa.



Q: How to do the binding between RC6GS V2 and receivers?

A: All the binding of RadioLink transmitters and receivers is the same. Power on the products, long press the binding button on the receiver and release, the led indicator always on means the binding is done. Click the tutorial video to learn more https://youtu.be/Kxjzt4vzqU4

Q: How to setup when use RC6GS V2 to control the Nitro and Gas RC cars?


Q: Can I assign a switch to control dual rate function?

A: No, you can set the in the menu D/R. But you cannot assign a switch to control the dual rate function.  

Q: Why the car goes backward when the cruise control button is on?

A: Set the cruise control function in IDLUP menu.

    Set the percent of throttle-lock to negative number.

Q: Can RC6GS upgrade the firmware of RC6GS V2 to realize head tracking function?

A: Yes.

Q: I bind RC6GS V2 to 2 receivers. Why the two vehicles run at the same time when I pull the throttle even though I choose different models?

A: MODEL selection is not for choosing the receiver. It's for different data setting. You need to set ID SEED in the basic menu.

Q: What’s the function of USB port of RC6GS V2? Can it be used on a computer as a controller as well?

A: The USB port of RC6GS V2 is for upgrading the firmware and for copying the data to the computer. It cannot be used on the computer as a controller.

Do not use the USB port as a charging port, or it will damage the transmitter.

Q: What does LK-A mean when setting AUX-CH?

A: LK-A means lock mode of SwA button. For example, when you assign SwA to control the function, when you press the SwA, the function is triggered. When you release the button, the function is turned off. But when you assign LK-A to control the function, when you press the SwA for once, the function is triggered. When you press the SwA again, the function is turned off. LK-B is for lock mode of SwB button. LK-C for SwC. LK-D for SwD.

Q: I am driving in 3S and I have set the EXT alarm to 11.1V. But why the alarm goes off when I speed up?

A: When you speed up, the instantaneous voltage is high, so the voltage of battery may fall. When it slows down, the voltage of battery will go back slowly. You can set the alarm voltage lower than 11.1V.

Q: Does RC6GS V2/RC6GS support Crossfire?

A: Yes.

RC6GS, RC6GS V2 all support Crossfire. For wiring and setting method, please refer to the following YouTube tutorial video.


Note: The firmware of the transmitter must be the version below V6.3.2.

Q: When letting go of the throttle, the car is still moving forward. What to do to stop the car immediately when I let go of the throttle?

A: Please check the instruction manual of your ESC and set the mode of your ESC.


Q: How to test RSSI value of RC4GS, RC4GS V2, RC6GS and RC6GS V2?

A: Please click the below link for how to test RSSI value of RC4GS, RC4GS V2, RC6GS and RC6GS V2:


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