How to upgrade AT10&AT10II firmware


1. Identify the transmitter version 

There are two leds on the transmitter: Red and Green. They will start flashing once the transmitter is connected with the computer via a USB cable and powered on.



a. If the red and green LED flashes in turn, it means the mother board is the previous version, which is neither compatible with WIN8 nor WIN10 nor MAC. Users can only upgrade with the system of WIN 7 or XP. So please choose the firmware file with .bin at the end.


b. If the red and green LED flashes synchronously, it means the mother board is the current version, which is compatible with WIN7,8,10 or MAC. Users can choose the firmware file with .mac at the end to upgrade.


2. Format the original firmware, copy and paste the latest firmware and disconnect the USB cable


* Window as below will pop out to notify before format, click confirm to process. The format won't clear datas in your computer but only the firmware in your AT10II , which is the extra disk you connect to your computer.



* The two LEDs are always on during the copy process. Once the LEDs start flashing, the copy is done.


Video Tutorial (01:20-- 03:30)


Note If the screen of your AT10II turns blank with leds on the transmitter flashing or upsaide down after upgrading the latest firmware above, it's because of the compatility probelm between LCD pannel and drivers. Please download the corresponding firmware to restore the display. After flashing the restoration firmware, the latest firmware can be flashed then. If  the problem still unsolved, please send mails to for tech support. 

  • AT10II/AT10 Firmware




Latest Firmware:


Version: AT10(AT10II)_Latestfirmware_V1.4.5a(AT12S).mac


About this update:

① Improvement: TH-DOWM default OFF, it means the transmitter will not locked the main-menu and do not alarm even the throttle stick is not at the bottom position when turn the AT10II on. Easier to into parameter setting menu for the first time to use.

② Add FIX function, when GPS positioning success, the transmitter will show the number of satellite in RECEIVE menu.

Attention: please check the stick mode in PARAMETER menu after you have upgrade the latest firmware.


Attention: If you can not download the files when clicked above, please click the website below to download the files you need.