CB86PLUS User Manual(in PDF)

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① Please read this Manual completely before using to make sure CB86PLUS is safely operated.

② CB86PLUS input power supply cannot have great fluctuations, which may output over current, and even burn the charger or the batteries. E.g. setting the input protection current and voltage is necessary according to the specifications of the input power supply to avoid power overload. Some power overload protection will cause substantial fluctuations to the voltage.

③ Power on CB86PLUS first, setup charge voltage and current and then connect batteries, press start to begin charging (Do not connect batteries first).

④ Keep the charger always away from children and pets.

⑤ Keep the charger supervised when charging or discharging. If you have to leave, please disconnect the battery to prevent any unexpected dangers or damage.

⑥ Ensure the charger settings match the battery pack with correct charge voltage and charge current. Otherwise the battery will be damaged and even cause a fire.

⑦ Do not let foreign matter or moisture into the charger.

⑧ Do not (dis)charge the battery if there’s abnormality like leaking or deformed.

⑨ Do not mix batteries of different types, different capacities or from different manufacturers.

⑩ Do not refit or disassemble the charger.

⑪ Do not put the charger or any battery on a flammable surface or close to a combustible material while in use. Do not (dis)charge in an R/C model or inside a full-sized automobile.

⑫ Never block the air intake holes and never use in a confined space or high temperature environment, which may cause the internal temperature protection and result in abnormal (dis)charging.

⑬ Do not try to charge “non-rechargeable” dry cells.

⑭ Do not exceed the suggested maximum battery charge rates and carefully follow the recommendations and safety advice of battery manufacturer.

⑮ This product is not a toy and is NOT suitable for children under the age of 18. Adults should keep the product out of the reach of children and exercise caution when operating this product in the presence of children.





CB86PLUS Introduction




Input Voltage: Voltage range 10.5-15V

Note: There will be warning if input power is over 15V or less than 10.5V. Fans will auto-start when the temperature is over 48C°.

Voice Indicator: ON/OFF

Time Setting: (DIS)Charging time can be set from 0 to 99 minutes and 59 second

Charging Mode: Cycle charge/Discharge/Storage

Charging Voltage: 0.00V-4.35V, setting precision 0.01V

Note:  It’s advised to set the cut-off voltage for LiPo battery as 4.2V per cell, lithium-ion battery as 3.6V per cell while that of the high voltage lithium battery as 4.35V per cell.

Discharging Voltage: 0.00-4.35V, setting precision 0.01V

Charging Current: 0.0-6.0A, setting precision 0.1A

Discharging Current: 1.05A(fixed)







Connect to Power Supply


Connect the charger with a DC power source of output voltage 10.5-15V and current more than 15A.

Note Make sure about the correct power polarity. If wrong, the charge won’t get burnt or started.





Battery Connection


CB86LUS contains 8 balance ports, which allow connection of max 8 pieces 6 cells lithium battery at the same time. Make sure the correct polarity of batteries (black cable is negative and connects to the right side while the red is positive connecting to left side.)



CB86PLUS has eight charging ports, supporting max eight pieces batteries of six cells charged at one time.12 cells batteries NOT supported. To charge a 12-cell battery, it should be divided into two separate 6 cells to charge without any external electrical connection. otherwise the charger or batteries will get burnt.

WARNING: It’s NOT allowed to charge 4 pieces 6S batteries by series connection from port1 to port8 respectively.

Power off CB86PLUS immediately if it’s found working abnormally.


There are six independent sources which allow max 6S lithium battery charged with each port respectively. When charging the non 6S battery, you can put 6 pieces of 1S OR 1 piece of 4S+1 piece of 2S OR 2 pieces of 3S OR 3 pieces of 2S OR one 6S battery to charge as preferred as picture shown below.


(1) 3 pieces of 2S



(2) 2 pieces of 3S



(3) 1 piece of 6S



(4) 1 piece of 4S + 1 piece of 2S



(5) 6 piece of 1S











Home Screen


Press the key SET,set the working mode as CYCLE CHARGE or DISCHARGE or STORAGE.

Then press the key “+/▲” or “-/▼” to set (dis)charge voltage and current value.

The picture on right is the CYCLE CHARGE displays.

Charging voltage and current can be customized while standard lithium battery voltage is 4.2V per cell when fully charged.

Charging current depends on the battery capacity and it’s generally set as 1C to protect the battery.

Discharging current is default 1.05A.

Take the below table as a reference for different battery capacities.



Battery Capacity

Charge Current

Charge Voltage

Charging Time Needed




80 minutes




80 minutes




80 minutes














To start or stop the current status, it is available at any time. So, it’s important to finish all parameters (voltage and current) setting for charging or discharging before pressing this button.







Only when the charger is not working, this button is enabled. Press SET to enter menu of setting SOUND, FUNCTION, CURRENT, VOLTAGE and BETTERY GROUP. When one of the options on the menu is highlighted, use the button key “+/▲” or “-/▼” to adjust the value.





Sound Indicator


When the charging stops, press SET to choose the option SOUND INDICATOR, and use “+/▲” or “-/▼” to set sound ON or OFF. Then press SET for next option.





Charging Port


When the charging stops, press SET to choose the option PORT, press “+/▲” or “-/▼” to choose the port (from 1 to 8) to work first. Then press SET for next option.





Working Mode Setup


When the charging stops, press SET to choose FUNCTION, press “+/▲” or “-/▼” to select preferred Mode: CYCLE CHARGE, DISCHARGE, STORAGE, and then press SET for next option.


Voltage and Current Setting

When the charging stops, press SET to choose the option VOLTAGE/ CURRENT, and then press “+/▲” or “-/▼” to set voltage and current, then press SET for next option.





Working Mode


There are three working modes of CB86, that is CYCLE CHARGE/DISCHARGE/STORAGE.







Charge all batteries one by one and both charge voltage and current can be personalized if CYCLE CHARGE mode is selected without first charging port assigned.

Press SET button till the cursor comes to WORKING MODE,then press the key “+/▲”or “-/▼” to select the working mode as CYCLE CHARGE.

Since there are six independent power supply integrated, you can setup the voltage and current for every single cell of the battery instead of battery packs, no matter it is 2S, 3S or 6S.

The max charging current of CB86PLUS is 6.0A because the EHR balance connector as charge cable is used. Do not set charging current over 6.00A otherwise it will be overloaded.

When charge voltage and current setting is done, press “START/STOP” button to start charging.

The red indicator next to the charging port will be on, meaning this port is charging. The voltage and current value show the present voltage and current of each cell.




To enter the interface of internal resistance, the cycle charging should be stopped first. Then press “+/▲” or “-/▼” to highlight the port with which the battery is charging. Press SET to enter.








The discharged current of CB86PLUS is fixed as 1.05A. The voltage can be customized and the charger will discharge to the set voltage.

Make sure the set voltage is reasonable while over-discharging will damage the battery and shorten its life span.

The cooling fan will activate automatically in DISCHARGE MODE because of the heat radiation.










Besides (dis)charge mode, STORAGE working mode is also available. If batteries are kept unused for a long time, this mode can be used to (dis)charge them to the best storage status. That is, 3.8V for standard 1S battery.

When this mode is enabled, CB86PLUS will charge or discharge automatically all batteries connected to 3.8V per cell one by one to make sure they are ready to be stored. Charging current can be set while discharging current is default fixed as 1.05A.


STORAGE Mode Displays




Internal Resistance Displays of STORAGE Mode









The CB86-PLUS will automatically recognize the voltage of any cell is lower than 3.0V, then into the repair mode. The charger screen will show "repair charge" at the same time.

In repair mode, no matter what charging current you have set, CB86-PLUS will charge with the current below 1 Ampere, and will not start charging the current that you have set up until every cell of the battery reach to 3.0V.