Micro Racing Drone Comparison

F121  VS  F110S


Camera Protector for Image Transmission

Propellers Protector

Battery Fixer

 Battery Connector

Motor Crashproof




The antenna of image transmission

without protector may be cut by

the propellers or easily broken off.

The newly designed cover with specially developed

mould ensures the fixed position of camera and

antenna funtion and avoids the possible damage

caused by putting in and taking out of the pack.

Soft material limits the protection effect.

Props protectors directly installed on the motors. The possible collision may make motor leaned or rip out motor wires.

The props protetors  installed on the frame protect the props against collision and avoid the problems of bumping motors or ripping out wires caused by direct installation on motors.

The developed mould strengthen the props protectors and the square design prevents pilots from being hurt by propellers. The pattened dual notches make (un)installation easy.

Propellers need to be uninstalled first each time to install the protectors, making propellers loose and steps annoying.

Dual notches installation reduces the tear and wear caused by repeatedly (un)installing propellers and ensures easy assemly.

Battey fixed with rubber band and easily drops if bumped 

The black plastic fixer at bottom ensures battery well installed.

 JST connector, difficult to plug in and disconnect 

PH2.0 connector,  easy to plug in and disconnect 

The battery wire to the flight controller would be easily broken after multiple pullings

The improved PCB design guarantees the battery wire weld to the flight controller and it won't be easily broken.

Two thirds of the motor is exposed, making it easily get bumped and affecst the flight. It requires manual adjustment of the motor position from time to time.

Two thirds of the motor is covered by the protector and ensures better persistence to possible collision and stable flight.


F121  VS  Toy Plane


PID Autotuned

rise and descend at high speed even with Altitude Hold Mode

Toy Plane

keep stable reply on slowly speed

Altitude Holding

F121 flight with accuracy altitude hold even through narrow space or no matter how close to the surface (less than 10 centimeters height)

cannot to flight fast and cannot keep Altitude Holding when  close to the surface

Professional Transmitter

FHSS, 67 channels pseudo-random frequency sequence hopping

2000 meters control distance, FPV racing freely at any flight environment

better anti-interference ability to both the same frequency band and different frequency bands, worry-free for more than hundred pilots competion at the same competition terrain at the same time

can not more than three pilots competion at the same competition terrain at the same time

100 meters control distance

Noise Reduction by Software

not only enables the motors of F121 to work without noise during the flight but also makes them more responsive and efficient than traditional 8520 coreless motors, ensures a longer life span

too much noise when flight

serious heating makes the motors with short life span

FPV Image Transmission System

The image transmission system that integrates camera and OSD module, ensuring voltage, flight time, power real-time feedback, stable transmission with more than 600 meters telemetry distance and good video photography.     

can not FPV racing because of the delay of the image transmission module

FPV Image Transmission System

RadioLink professional transmitter for racing drone

Flight controller with altitude holding by inertial navigation designed for racing drone 

Carbon fiber and plastics

FULLYMAX battery, 10 minutes flight time

GEMFAN Propeller

EWRF Tech image transmission system that  integrates camera and OSD

Hawkeye FPV Monitor: 4.3 inch, 5.8GHz, and forty-eight channels FPV display with receiver integrate, with the resolution of 480*3(RGB)*272, the aspect ratio of 16:9 and response time of 10ms.

F121  VS  F121 Pro


Flight Mode

The angle of camera can be adjustable or not?

Voltage Output Port for Timer



F121 Pro

AltHold Mode(Low-Speed)

AltHold Mode(High-Speed)

Stabilize Mode

AltHold Mode

Stabilize Mode

Manual Mode


Can not

Adjustable, 15 degree or 0 degree.

Yes, have one

Arm and Disarm

Arm by push the throttle joystick to the lower right corner 

Disarm by push the throttle joystick to the lower left corner

Arm or Disarm by press the Switch of CH7