• Mini Pix FAQ

Q: Why the FC fails to be armed and keeps alarming?


1) If armed indoor, make sure the flight mode of the transmitter is set as Altitude Mode or Manual Mode. Never set the flight mode as Position Hold Mode nor Loiter Mode, which need GPS to functions. If arm the flight controller indoor with the Position Hold Mode, please wait for 1 minute until the stars quantity GPS searches reaches 12 or more after the aircraft is powered on and the position accuracy will be higher.

2) The geomagnetism may change and result in impossible arming even the aircraft debugging went well before. Problem can be solved by holding the aircraft and following the steps in RadioLink Mission Planner to do another geomagnetic calibration.

3) When the aircraft is powered on, listen to the music tone when flight controller is doing self-check. When the self-check is done with success, press the safety button to arm the aircraft. The arming may fail as well if press the safety button too soon.

If the above three causes have been checked and the FC still can't be armed, please connect it to the RadioLink Mission Planner to check other possibility or send mails to after_service@radiolink.com.cn for tech support.

Q: Why there's no data displays when FC connects to the RadioLink Mission Planner?

A: Connect the RadioLink Mission Planner to flash the latest firmware. If it's notified that the latest firmware is already exist, flash again by changing another model e.g. ACROBATICS . If the problem still cannot be solved, it's probably the barometer is broken. Please send mails to after_service@radiolink.com.cn to furthur confirm and ask for accessory purchase.


Q: Why there's Bad AHRS notice when connecting FC to RadioLink Mission Planner?

A: When the FC is powered on, level it and remain still for a while, the notice should disappear. This notice usually appears in ACROBATICS firmware.


Q: Why there's Compass Variances notice when connecting FC to RadioLink Mission Planner?

A: It's probably because of large disturbance. Remove all possible disturbances such as metal parts on aircraft frame. compass and GPS signal. If the notice is still there, calibrate the compass and repower it on afterwards.


Q: What should I do when I encounter any of the below three problems?

1) The connection time between FC and RadioLink Mission Planner is long;

2) Neither option of Load custom firmware or Pick previous firmware is available at the interface of INSTALL FIRMWARE in the INITIAL SETUP sheet;

3) No option of ALL PARAMETER in the CONFIG/TUNING sheet.

A: When any of the above three problems encountered during the connection to RadioLink Mission Planner and trying to flash the latest firmwares, modify LAYOUT from BASIC TO ADVANCED as below shown





Q: How to turn off FC auto checking and arm it directly with transmitter?

A: Set the ARMING_CHECK in Full Parameter List in RadioLink Mission Planner as 0.

Q: Is it OK to keep the direction of arrow on FC different from the aircraft head?

A: Yes. Just remember to change the corresponding direction at AHRS_ORIENTATION 17 in Full Parameter List .


Q: Can I remove the step of arming FC by pressing the safety button as this step has been set as factory default?

A: Yes. Search BRD_SAFETYENABLE at the right column in Full Parameter List interface and set it as 0.

Q: What does COMPASSRARIANCE mean when connecting FC to RadioLink Mission Planner?

A: It means that there's problem about the compass. It can be solved by either calibrating the compass or removing possible disturbance resources to the compass.


Q: Why FC cannot be armed?

A: Firstly check if the throttle phase of the transmitter is reversed. If it's not the problem of throttle phase, check what notice popping out in the RadioLink Mission Planner. Follow the notice and the problem can be solved accordingly.

Q: The aircraft descend speed is too high with the default value. Can this parameter be modified?

A: Yes. This parameter can be modified at LAND_SPEED with the minimum speed as 30cm/s.


Q: When connect open-sourced PIXHAWK with Radiolink ultrasensor module SU04, the module functions well at Alt-Hold Mode. But the aircraft flies to left when toggle the joystick forward at Loiter Mode. Why is that?

A: This is the firmware problem and it can be solved by flashing firmware of V3.6 or above.


Q: Why my computer cannot identify the USB port of the FC after flashing the firmware?

A: It is because the hardwares of Turbo Pix and Mini Pix have been upgraded. FC of V2.0 can ONLY flash firmware with the latest RadioLink Mission Planner V1.3.50. But FC of V1.0 can flash firmware with RadioLink Mission Planner either of V1.3.49 or V1.3.50.


Q: Why the indicator on FC stays red after it's powered on?

A: There are two possible reasons

    1) The memory card is not well inserted or doesn't function.

    2) The firmwares need to be flashed.


Q: Is PIXHAWK compatible with the firmware of PIXHWAK4?

A: No, it’s not compatible because the firmware is different.

RadioLink flight controller PIXHAWK, Mini Pix and TURBO PiX are compatible with the firmware from APM only.

Q: How to know if Mini Pix is compatible with my receiver?

A: Mini Pix supports PPM and SBUS signal input. So Mini Pix is compatible with receivers which support PPM and SBUS output.

Q: Why I fail to install firmware of Mini Pix?

A: There are two types of firmware: open-source and RadioLink. If you want to install firmware from RadioLink, Mission Planner and firmware should both come from RadioLink. If you want to install open-source firmware, you should download Mission Planner from ArduPilot.

Q: The calibration of accelerometer, compass, radio has been finished, but why the plane turned over when it took off?

A: It comes from the wrong direction of motor or the reversed installation of the propellers. Check the motor and propellers.

Q: Is Mini Pix compatible with 4-in-1 ESC?

A: NO.

Q: Is Mini Pix compatible with open source APM firmware which has been changed and compiled?

A: The version V1.0 and V1.2 of Mini Pix support it.

The version V1.1 and V1.0II of Mini Pix do not support it.

Q:  Why there is no Fail Safe in Firmware version Airplane_v4.0.5?

A: Firmware version Airplane_v4.0.5 has been upgraded. Set Fail Safe in all parameter list.

Q:  Can I use Mini Pix with Hexacopter? If yes, how?

A: Yes, Mini Pix is compatible with hexacopter. Because there are 6 ESC soldering points as below.






Please note there are 4ea of ESC in the power module. When you use 6ea of ESC, you need to solder the extra 2ea on the 4ea of ESC.





Q: What firmware to download in ArduPilot official website?

A: Firmware fmuv2


Q: How to connect dual GPS to Mini Pix?


① Connect the first GPS to GPS/12C port of Mini Pix, and the second GPS to TELEM1 port.

(If you use GPS with non-GH1.25 terminal blocks, you need to replace the GPS terminal block)


② Enter Software Config -- Full Parameter List, then search for “SERIAL1_PROTOCOL”, and change the value to “5”.



③ Search for “GPS_TYPE2” in Full Parameter List, and change the value to “1”.



④ Search for “GPS_AUTO” in Full Parameter List, and change the value to “1”.





Q: How much memory is in Mini Pix?

A: It includes “running memory” and “Flash memory”. The running memory of Mini Pix is 196KB, and the Flash memory of Mini Pix is 1MB.



Q: Does Mini Pix support direct drive helicopter?

A: Yes. For wiring and setting methods, please refer to ardupilot website.


The tail control of traditional CCPM helicopter is tail servo. The tail control of direct drive helicopter is motor.




Q: RadioLink Mission Planner has two compasses shown if FC connected is GPS integrated. How to distinguish which FC compass it is?

A: If the flight controller and the GPS with compass internal connect to the Mission Planner at the same time, the Compass #1 indicate the compass of GPS, meanwhile, the "Externally mounted" and the GPS direction select box will pop out on the Mission Planner. The Compass #2 indicate the compass of the flight controller internal.

Calibrate interface will shows as picture below when use with GPS.

If the GPS mounted with the same direction with flight controller, then it need not to setup the direction of GPS in Mission Planner but if you mounted the GPS with the different direction of PIXHAWK, you have to setup the right direction in the Mission Planner.




Q: Is Mini Pix a Linux board?

A: NO.



Q: How to power Mini Pix without using the power module?

A: You can connect the positive and negative poles of the ESC or BEC module to the positive and negative poles of the POWER port of the flight controller.



Q: Can the ESC pins of Mini Pix be used to supply power for flight controller?

A: The ESC pins of Mini Pix only supply power for external devices (such as servos), not for the flight controller.



Q: Does Mini Pix support DSHOT protocol?

A: Yes, Mini Pix support DSHOT protocol, but the Mini Pix must upgrade the firmware to V4.0 or above first.



Q: Why the altitude displayed in Mission Planner is many times the actual altitude of the flight controller from the ground or desktop? As shown in picture below:





A: The altitude displayed in Mission Planner includes relative altitude and absolute altitude, depending on the setting options in Mission Planner. Double-click the "Altitude (m)" at the bottom left, and the parameter options will pop up.

1. Alt means relative altitude. If this option is checked, the altitude is the height placed when the flight controller is powered on. For example, if we put the flight controller on the table and power it on, the altitude displayed in Mission Planner is the height from the desktop to the flight controller. If the flight controller is only tens of centimeters away from the table, but it shows 2000 meters in Mission Planner, there is something wrong with the barometer.
2. Altasl means absolute altitude. If this option is checked, the altitude is sea level altitude, which is the altitude above sea level.
The absolute altitude comes from the data obtained by the GPS. Only when the GPS finds the satellite and positioning is normal, the absolute altitude will be displayed correctly. Otherwise, the absolute altitude will be displayed as 0 by default.



Q: How to set auto flight by following the waypoints in Mission Planner?

A: The setting steps can follow this manual by click the link below:



Q: How to set parameters if use Mini Pix connect to the QuadPlane?

A: The setting steps can follow this manual by click the link below: