Q:What transmitters are compatible with R6DSM?

A:R6DSM is compatible with RadioLink AT9/AT9S/AT9S Pro/AT10/AT10II.








Q:How to bind R6DSM to RadioLink transmitter?


1. Put the transmitter and the receiver close to each other (about 50 centimeters) and power both on.
2. Switch on the transmitter and the LED of R6DSM will be on.

3. There is a black binding button (ID SET) on the side of receiver. Press the button for more than 1 second and release, the LED will flash quickly, meaning binding process is ongoing.

4. When the LED stops flashing and is always on, binding is complete and there will be a signal tower shown on top of the screen of the transmitter.








Q:What signal output does R6DSM support?

A:There are totally 10 channels of S-BUS/PPM signal output.

Blue/purple LED, S-BUS signal, 10 channels totally.

Red LED, PPM signal, 10 channels totally.

Short press the binding button (ID SET) twice within 1 second to switch the S-BUS signal to PPM signal. When the Red LED is on, signal output is PPM. When the Blue/purple LED is on, signal output is SBUS.








Q:Why the LED of R6DSM is off after it’s powered on?


1. Check if the battery is charged.

2. Check if the polarity is correctly connected.

3. Check if the connection between the receivers and the power supply is good.








Q:Why the vehicle can’t be controlled after the binding between R6DSM and transmitter is done?

A:First, check if the power supply of the receiver and the transmitter is ok.

Then modify the channel quantity of the transmitter (AT9/AT9S/AT10/AT10II) as 10 to work with R6DSM, the 10-channel receiver.

Press Mode button to enter BASIC MENU => Rotate the dial to select SYSTEM and Enter => Set CH-SELECT as 10CH.








Q:When R6DSM works with AT9S, why the control range is more limited than 600 meters (in air) as advertised?


1. Check if the antenna of transmitter and receiver is damaged or welded joint

2. Check if there’s interference resources like electricity substation or high voltage cable or WIFI nearby.

3. Check the RSSI value.

① Power on the transmitter and receiver with both antennas parallel and straight and within the distance of 30cm.

② Then check the RSSI value. Range between 0~-30dBM is normal and if the value gets closer to 0, the signal is stronger.











Q:Why is there no response when pressing the binding button (ID SET) of R6DSM?

A:Please try short circuit binding with metal. Remove the cover of the receiver and power it on, use a metal accessory to touch the silver pad on both sides of the binding button to do the binding or signal output switch as below picture shows. If there’s still no response, the receiver may get burnt and needs to be repaired.