Q: How to upgrade AT9S Pro firmware?

A: Please click below link to check the tutorial video: https://youtu.be/6_lJ9EPHzLo

the upgrade firmware you can download here: https://www.radiolink.com/at9spro_firmwares


Q: How to calibrate AT9S Pro joysticks?

A: Press END key and PUSH key at the same time, then turn on the power switch to enter the interface of joystick calibration and follow the steps shown on the screen. Click below link to check the tutorial video


Q: Can AT9S Pro Mode be changed?

A: Yes, exchange the positions of the Lever Arm Spring and the Tension Plate. Then enter the BASIC MENU to the corresponding Mode Number.

Q:How to turn off the WARNING!!!?




A:1. TX LOW POWER!  means the transmitter Battery voltage is lower than setting value. You can:

① press PUSH to enter PARAMETER menu. Choose TX ALARM by DIAL and lower the alarm voltage by PUSH button.
② if the low voltage alarm is setup depend on your battery already(e.g. your battery is a 2S, the TX-ALARM is setup 7.4V), but your transmitter still WARNING with TX LOW POWER, please change a battery with full power or just higher than 7.4V.





A: 2.THR POSITION! means safety reminder for low throttle.

You can remove the reminder by

① pulldown the throttle stick to the lowest position

② turning the DIAL button

If you do not need this hint, you can turn off this function by press Mode button to BASIC MENU, turn DIAL button to SYSTEM, press Push into SYSTEM menu, setup TH-DWON: ON to OFF.









Q:Can the AT9S upgrade to AT9S  Pro by upgrade firmware ?

A: It can’t. AT9S and AT9S PRO are difference both communication and hardware, so AT9S cannot upgrade to AT9S PRO by upgrading firmware.

Q:How to distinguish AT9S and AT9S PRO?

A:You can check the PCBA version from the battery box of AT9S as the picture below. If the hardware version of your AT9S is 2.0, It cannot compatible with the TBS crossfire. If it is V3.0, it is AT9S PRO and compatible with TBS crossfire.




Q: Can the AT9S upgrade with the firmware of AT9S Pro?

A: Yes. The AT9S can upgrade with the firmware V2.0.6 of AT9S Pro or above.

Q: How to setup parameters to use transmitter AT9S Pro and receiver R9DS to control a RC car with dual ESCs?

A: connections and settings as below:

Transmitter: Radiolink AT9S Pro

Receiver: Radioink R9DS (should be with PWM signal output, that means have to make sure the Red LED of R9DS always on)

Tank: dual motors RC tank, each motor controlled by an ESC separately



The head of tank is forward.

The ESC on left connect to the CH1 of R9DS.

The ESC on right connect to the CH2 of R9DS.


Transmitter Setting:







Into PARAMETER menu---set STK-MODE:2






select PROG.MIX1 menu

set both left and right RATE to +100%

set MIX from INH to ON


set control switch is SwB and the POSI of switch is UP, the parameters as the picture below




Back to PROG.MIX menu

select PROG.MIX2

set both up and down RATE to -100%

set MIX from INH to ON


set control switch is SwB and the POSI of switch is UP, the parameters as the picture below




Then go to the SERVO menu to check if the phase is right or not.

When push the joystick of CH2 to up or down, then the servo bar of CH1 and CH2 will move to up and down at the same time, the servo bar of CH1 and CH2 to the same direction.

When push the joystick of CH1 to left or right, then the servo bar of CH1 and CH2 will move to left or right at the same time, but to the opposite directions.






If the servo bar of CH1 or CH2 is not move as the introduction above, it means the phase is reverse, you have to set as below:



Set 1:AILE is NOR and 2:ELEV is REV



Q: Will the parameters of different model types set before be cleared or modified once the firmware flashed/upgraded?

A: No. The firmware upgrade won't change any personalized parameters already set.



Q: What are the compatible receivers to AT9S Pro?

A: The standard packed receiver with AT9S Pro is R9DS, which is a 10-channel receiver that supports SBUS and PWM signals synchronously with 2.4G DSSS&FHSS spread spectrum technology.

Besides R9DS, there are also other compatible receivers with different channel quantities available.

R6DS- 6 channels(PWM signal output), 10 channels (SBUS/PPM signal output)

R12DS- 12 channels (SBUS&PWM signals output), 11 channels(PWM signal output)

Mini receivers: R6DSM- 10 channels (SBUS/PPM signal output)

R12DSM- 12 channels (SBUS/PPM signal output)


The default channel quantity of AT9S Pro is 10 to work with the standard packed receiver R9DS. When working with the 12-channel receivers (R12DSM,R12DS), the channel quantity of AT9S Pro should be changed as CH:12.

Long press the Mode key to enter the BASIC MENU -> Rotate the scroll Dial to highlight the SYSTEM option and press Push to enter -> Select the CH-SELECT and change the Number as required.

* All RadioLink transmitters are not open sourced and can only bind to receivers developed by RadioLink.



Q: How to set to turn on or off the light?

A: Set AUX-CH in the menu. Assign one channel to control the light. Make sure there is a control board with your light as below. If there is no control board, your light will be on all the time.



Q: Can I use the TBS Crossfire Nano TX with the AT9S Pro? How?

A: Yes.

Setting steps as below:

① Connect TBS Crossfire Nano TX with the AT9S Pro as the picture 



The backboard of simulator port of AT9S Pro






② Enter the BASIC MENU of AT9S Pro and select SYSTEM.

    Set OUT to CRSF.






Note:The setting is to define the signal output of the simulator port at the back of AT9S Pro.


Q: Can AT9S Pro bind with spectrum receivers?

A: No, RadioLink radio is only compatible with RadioLink receivers R12DS, R12DSM, R9DS, R6DS, R6DSM.

Q: Where is factory reset setting of AT9S/AT9S Pro/AT10II?

A:  If you want to reset setting, enter BASIC MENU- MODEL TYPE- RESET:Execute. But please note the reset is only for this type. If you want to reset all settings, you need to reset every type.

Q: How to use boat model on AT9S/AT9S Pro/AT10II?

A: Enter the basic menu- MODEL TYPE- choose boat type. Then go to the basic menu and advance menu to set up the function you want.

Q: What’s the difference between AT9S and AT9S Pro?

A: AT9S Pro is compatible with TBS Crossfire while AT9S is not.

Q: What’s the function of USB port of AT9S Pro? Can it be used on a computer as a controller as well?

A: The USB port of AT9S Pro/AT9S/AT9 is for upgrading the firmware and for copying the data to the computer. It cannot be used on the computer as a controller.

Do not use the USB port as a charging port, or it will damage the transmitter.

Q: What to do when the screen is locked as below?




A: The screen is locked because of LockScreen function. Long press PUSH button, the screen will be unlocked. You can set the time from 1s to 254s. You can also turn off the function. Enter the BASIC menu- PARAMETER- set LockScreen to OFF.



Q: How to set head tracking functions on AT9S/AT9S Pro? 

A: Follow the below steps.

① Set channel 5/6 and PPM output on FPV goggles, and connect the transmitter with FPV goggles.

② Enter the BASIC menu of AT9S Pro- AUX CH- assign VrA to channel 5, and VrB to channel 6.

③ Enter the BASIC menu of AT9S Pro- TRAINER- set the mode to TRIGGER and set MIX to ON(make sure to upgrade the firmware to the newest version)

④ Set channel 5 and 6 to NORM, and other channels to OFF.

Q: How to upgrade firmware of AT9S Pro on WIN11? 

A: The update method of AT9S on Windows 11 is the same with that of Windows 10. So please refer to Windows 10 to update the firmware of AT9S Pro.

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