• AT9S Pro Firmware

Latest firmware:

version: AT9S Pro Latest Firmware_V2.1.7a.dfu



About this update:

① Compatible with ExpressLRS except TBS crossfire.

② Add CRSF4 in SYSTEM menu (the baud rate is 115200 if set the OUT is CRSF1, and the baud rate is 416000 if set the OUT is CRSF4)

③ Add FIX function, when GPS positioning success, the transmitter will show the number of satellite in RECEIVE menu.


① please check the stick mode in PARAMETER menu after you have upgrade the latest firmware.

② this firmware only applicable to AT9S Pro, AT9S and AT9 cannot compatible with ExpressLRS by upgrade this firmware

AT9S Pro  Firmware

Default firmware:

version: AT9SPRO_DefaultFirmware_V2.0.2S.dfu

Latest firmware for Multi-language:

version: AT9S Pro&AT9S&AT9_MultilanguageFirmware_V3.0.0s.dfu


About this firmware:

Your AT9S Pro will with multiple language that inclucing English, Spanish, Italian, German, French, Turkish, Russian and Korean

Firmware for Glider

version: AT9S Pro&AT9S&AT9_firmware for glider_V1_8_2.dfu


Attention: If you can not download the files when clicked above or zip file below, please click the website below to download the files you need.   


How to Upgrade Radiolink AT9S PRO firmware


STEP1.  Download and install the corresponding drivers

(1) Install the driver to upgrade AT9S Pro/AT9S/AT9 firmware first 

   360zip_setup_4.0.0.1220.exe    2020-0414

WinZip(design by 360, free)

If you have not WinZip Tools to decompressing upgrade files, please click to download and install the free WinZip Tool designed by 360.

④  Download the firmware you need to the computer.

⑤ Click "USB-util(the upgrade tools)", then click "Choose" to choose the firmware, then click "Download", Download OK" will pop out if upgrade success, then unplug the upgrade USB cable. Firmware upgrade has done.




STEP2. Download and install the firmware update tool


① Click to download the tool to upgrade the AT9S Pro/AT9S/AT9 firmware. 

    If your computer system is XP, choose the UpgradeTools(XPcomputer)_AT9SPro&AT9S&AT9 file.

    If your computer system is win7/win8/win10, choose the UpgradeTools(win7&win8&win10computer)_AT9SPro&AT9S&AT9 file.


② Right click USB-util.exe and run the file as administrator. Device Connected will pop out then click OK to confirm.

③ Click Choose to select the preferred firmware(downloaded above) and click Download. Download OK will pop out once complete. Then disconnect the transmitter from the computer.

(⑦-①)upgrade via XP or win7 computer

If your computer is XP or WIN7, a notice of "Installation successful." will pop out of. Click CONFIRM then DONE.



(⑦-②)upgrade via win8 or win10 computer

If your computer is WIN8 or WIN7, a notice of "System policy has been modified to reject unsigned drivers" will pop out of. Click CONFIRM(确定) to confirm.




Note If your computer system is WIN8 or WIN10, besides AT9S Pro/AT9S/AT9 upgrade driver mentioned above, another driver specially for WIN8/WIN10 needs to be installed.




















steps for win8&win10 OS computer setup


Click below picture to download





All upgrade drivers just need to install at the first time to upgrade.





(2) Introduction about the upgrade driver


This driver is designed for AT9S Pro/AT9S/AT9 upgrade via computer with  XP, WIN7, WIN8 or WIN10 OS only.


(3) How to install the drivers

① Connect the computer and the transmitter with an android USB cable, then power the transmitter on. The green and red leds will keep flashing with the LCD screen in black.

② Unzip to open the downloaded file and double click inf-wizard.exe



③ Click NEXT to continue



④ Choose RadioLink AT9, then click NEXT




⑤ Click NEXT



⑥ Click Install Now.. Then select the file where the driver you want to store