• RC6GS V3 Firmwares

Latest Firmware(Please upgrade by windows WIN7, WIN8, WIN10 or XP computer, cannot upgrade by Apple MAC computer)


Latest Firmware for RC6GS V3_V6.8.0.mac 


About this update:

FPV Head Track Function Improvement: 3axis track is added (only support 2axis track before the firmware V6.7.7)

The firmware of RC6GS V3 do not compatible with RC6GS V2 and RC6GS, if you need upgrade RC6GS V2, RC6GS, please click the link below to download:




① If you can not download the files when clicked the mac file above or below, please click the website below to download the files you need.   

http://www.radiolink.com.cn/firmware/transmitter/RC6GS V3/


RC6GS V2, RC6GS cannot upgrade to RC6GS V3 by upgrade the firmware of RC6GS V3, if you need use the functions of RC6GS V3 but RC6GS V2, RC6GS have not, you can participate in the trade-in program.

All users of RadioLink RC3S, RC4G, RC4GS, RC4GS V2, RC6GS, RC6GS V2 can buy 1 set of RC6GS V3 or RC4GS V3 at a special price with the barcode in the battery tray of their transmitters.

The details about RC6GS V3 Trade In can click the link below:


How to upgrade  firmware

1. Identify the suitable firmware 
a. .mac firmware compatible with WIN7, WIN8, WIN10 or XP.

2. Download the corresponding firmware
3. Connect your radio to the computer with a USB cable and power the radio on(with a LiPo batery or 6 pieces AA batteries)

4. Copy the latest firmware and paste it in your radio disc
5. Once finish Step 4, disconnect your radio from the computer and repower it on, go to the Language menu to check if upgrade seccess