(2) Factory Default Firmware


Click to download the factory default firmware: 

Attention: please use the V603 parameter setup APP if the firmware version of your transmitter is V826

1. Firmware Upgrade Tool

Click to download the firmware upgrade Driver, only applicable to computer.


2. Upgrade Firmwares

(1) The latest firmware


The firmware version can be checked on the parameter setup APP(SYSTEM menu) in mobile or computer(PARAMETER at the bottom right). If the wrong firmware is accidentally flashed and the system of T8S(BT) is crashed, please remove the cover and disconnect the battery and connect again. Then upgrade the firmware downloaded below. 


②  The previous batches of T8S(BT): Slightly touch the power button to turn it on.

If the wrong firmware is flashed and can’t be powered on or the LED indicators flash abnormally. Please download the V810 firmware to repair and no other firmware can be flashed afterwards.


Click to download the firmware: T8SBL_LatestFirmware_V810(OldVersion1s).hex

The current batches of T8S(BT): Long press the power button for 1s and release to turn it on.

If the wrong firmware is flashed and can't be powered on or the LED indicators flash abnormally. Please download the V840 firmware to repair.

Click to download the latest firmware: 


Introduction about V835

1) Only compatible with the current T8S bluetooth version(i.e the version of pressing the power button for one second to turn it on)

2) Only compatible with the parameters setup APP versions of V7.9 or above.     

3) This firmware is capable of telemetry of model battery voltage, RSSI value and transmitter battery voltage.

4) To fully enjoy the added new functions of unlimited models storage and telemetry display of RSSI and model battery voltage, the lasted firmware needs to work with the latest APP V7.9.

Click to download the upgrade tool, only applicable to computer.

   360zip_setup_4.0.0.1220.exe    2020-0414

WinZip(design by 360, free)

If you have not WinZip Tools to decompressing upgrade files, please click to download and install the free WinZip Tool designed by 360.

How to upgrade firmware


Attention: If you can not download the files when clicked above or zip file below, please click the website below to download the files you need.   



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